Nov 28, 2011

single life + stalkers = EFF!!!

today, i went to the nearest supermarket to buy some things for my assignment. i went out alone. it took 15 minutes to reach there. i grabbed a basket and start go looking for something to buy for my little brother. as i browsed along the rack, i realized that someone was following me. i tried to pretend that i didn't notice him but he stopped in front of me to make a conversation. i didn't wait for him to ask me more and so i escaped to another department. it was so scary that he followed me to other departments too. i made my way to a safer place where there were plenty of people there if things got worse. i could sense him on my back. i grabbed all the things i needed and went straight to the counter to pay and he was there too. i didn't look up to see his face but i know he was looking at me. when i'm done, i ran out. luckily he didn't try to do anything to me and lucky me it happened in a crowded open place.

this is the reality of single life. yes, it's suck to be single. there are more similar things that happened to me after my boyfriend left me to live on my own...

for instance, i met a guy which was studying at the engineering faculty. he was a friend of mine. he was just like the other guy but what makes him different from the rest is that he was hitting on me. he called me, texted me and even skyped with me. at first, i thought it was his way of befriending with me but then he started to call me with some romantic callings like darling, sayang.... EFF! he followed me everywhere even to the lingerie store! i told him to stay away but that doesn't really make him stay away from me. he talked about we having kids and he wanted to take me as his wife, telling me that i'm the best for him, complimented my looks... yeww!!! i can accept those compliments if he was just a friend but when i knew he had feelings for me, it's already an EFF!!! he even told me that he had fallen in love with me so hard on the first day we met. he proposed a week later... dude, u don't have to lie la... no one fell in love that soon.

a month after i avoided him, came another engineering guy who's name was very classical. we met at the ATM and he was alone while i was with my sister. he was asking for our help on a card which he didn't know the owner of it and he opened up a light conversation. then he asked for our number. i hesitated to give but my sister gave hers to me and he asked for mine. i saw his eyes on my sister and i thought that it was ok to give my number because he was probably didn't have a crush on me. but then he introduced me with a treatment that was said could tell me if i have a certain illness. i tried and i felt a sudden effect. i felt drowsy and sick. all of a sudden he became my unauthorized protector. he controlled me on my activities. i wasn't allowed to do this and that all because he said that i'm sick. i felt sick at the moment and i felt sick at him. EFF!!! later then, he told me that he loves me. he is still bothering me now with SMSes... calling me with romantic names, telling me that he will witness me in the labour room giving birth to his child... EFF!!!! EFF!!! EFF!!!! there was a day when i saw him in the library and we together, face to face. then, his feet was brushing mine under the table. i was so pissed off and left him there. SOME MEN SHOULD LEARN SOME RESPECT!!!. yesterday, i went out with my friend. we watched movie and ate together at Pavilion. when came back he wanted to know about where did i go, with whom, by what... that was so EFF! he got on my nerves! i told him i went out to pavi but didn't tell him with whom.

well, these are my stories about how i was distracted by my stalkers... just imagine if i have a boyfriend, i wouldn't suffer like this... i just need somebody to love, that's all... i don't need any stalkers or scandals. just need someone who will respect me, love me for what i am and me love him too... i'm scared... future, come fast and give me someone to end this mess..