Jul 26, 2011

wake up and smile... :)

Last night I dreamt that there were a couple of ugly wasps trying to sting me. But I was protecting myself from them. Then, I saw the wasps flew to somewhere else. They were like talking to some other creature. I stood there still without thinking of saving myself. Then, from the place that the wasps went, I saw a couple of (cute) bumblebees or one, I’m not sure. Flew straight to me and stung me. It hurt at the first time but then it subsided and I feel like the wound is somehow milken on my body. However, I don’t remember which part of my body that the bumblebee stung.

Well, my mother told me that if I dream about being stung, it means that someone is about to ask my hand for marriage...

LOL! I wonder who is that bumblebee....

p/s : my future hubby will be cute... :)