Jul 7, 2012

My Abah, My Love

Dear, Abah...

I know, u wouldn’t be able to read this. I just need a place to express my loneliness. Abah, I’m having my final exam. In 6 days, i have a paper on Public Relations. The lecturer is nice. My study is all fine. I did well in Sociology’s mid-term test. I got the highest. 

Abah, when i was about to enter high school, i was scared because i was about to live in the school’s hostel. The school provided me with a double-decker bed which i needed to share with my friend, Anis. Mama sent me and left early. I sat with Anis and her family until they said farewell to each other. This story was taken place 7 years ago. But i still remember it vividly. On the second floor of our hostel, Anis father hugged her and kissed her on the head. I was so jealous, Abah. I was being jealous because i had lost the kiss when i was 9.

They day u left me, i tried to figure out how am i going to live without u. And now, i’m still figuring it out. 

Abah, the world is being cruel to me. No one loves me like they way u did. My friends are taking advantage over me and even my boyfriend had started to raise his voice. Abah, i know no one can treat me as special as u treated me. In business, u still called us to ask about what we ate and what present will we want when u come home from work. No one. Not even my boyfriend is able to do that. 

Abah, how sad i am when i got good result and i can’t get a hug from u. Abah, i just want to hug u soooo much right now. I miss u sooooooooo much! 

Abah, i’m looking forward to spend the next Ramadhan with u. Please, come home even though our home is now belonged to someone else. 

Your Daughter,
Nordiana Nordin