Jul 7, 2012

My Abah, My Love

Dear, Abah...

I know, u wouldn’t be able to read this. I just need a place to express my loneliness. Abah, I’m having my final exam. In 6 days, i have a paper on Public Relations. The lecturer is nice. My study is all fine. I did well in Sociology’s mid-term test. I got the highest. 

Abah, when i was about to enter high school, i was scared because i was about to live in the school’s hostel. The school provided me with a double-decker bed which i needed to share with my friend, Anis. Mama sent me and left early. I sat with Anis and her family until they said farewell to each other. This story was taken place 7 years ago. But i still remember it vividly. On the second floor of our hostel, Anis father hugged her and kissed her on the head. I was so jealous, Abah. I was being jealous because i had lost the kiss when i was 9.

They day u left me, i tried to figure out how am i going to live without u. And now, i’m still figuring it out. 

Abah, the world is being cruel to me. No one loves me like they way u did. My friends are taking advantage over me and even my boyfriend had started to raise his voice. Abah, i know no one can treat me as special as u treated me. In business, u still called us to ask about what we ate and what present will we want when u come home from work. No one. Not even my boyfriend is able to do that. 

Abah, how sad i am when i got good result and i can’t get a hug from u. Abah, i just want to hug u soooo much right now. I miss u sooooooooo much! 

Abah, i’m looking forward to spend the next Ramadhan with u. Please, come home even though our home is now belonged to someone else. 

Your Daughter,
Nordiana Nordin


King RaFaad said...

`Supplicate to your Lord, for He is the One who makes things easy' :)