Jul 7, 2012

My Abah, My Love

Dear, Abah...

I know, u wouldn’t be able to read this. I just need a place to express my loneliness. Abah, I’m having my final exam. In 6 days, i have a paper on Public Relations. The lecturer is nice. My study is all fine. I did well in Sociology’s mid-term test. I got the highest. 

Abah, when i was about to enter high school, i was scared because i was about to live in the school’s hostel. The school provided me with a double-decker bed which i needed to share with my friend, Anis. Mama sent me and left early. I sat with Anis and her family until they said farewell to each other. This story was taken place 7 years ago. But i still remember it vividly. On the second floor of our hostel, Anis father hugged her and kissed her on the head. I was so jealous, Abah. I was being jealous because i had lost the kiss when i was 9.

They day u left me, i tried to figure out how am i going to live without u. And now, i’m still figuring it out. 

Abah, the world is being cruel to me. No one loves me like they way u did. My friends are taking advantage over me and even my boyfriend had started to raise his voice. Abah, i know no one can treat me as special as u treated me. In business, u still called us to ask about what we ate and what present will we want when u come home from work. No one. Not even my boyfriend is able to do that. 

Abah, how sad i am when i got good result and i can’t get a hug from u. Abah, i just want to hug u soooo much right now. I miss u sooooooooo much! 

Abah, i’m looking forward to spend the next Ramadhan with u. Please, come home even though our home is now belonged to someone else. 

Your Daughter,
Nordiana Nordin

Jun 29, 2012

A Tale of a Naughty Boy

so here is the famous Baby Nooh... haha. he was soooo jealous of me drinking watermelon juice that he asked for some. LOL

Papa won't let me feed him with flavored drinks. but he wasn't around. so, let him drink it. haha. thre is the face of a naughty boy.


earlier this semester, we were given with an assignment in which we have to finish it by today. it was a research paper. we have to conduct interviews, collect data and finalize the findings with appropriate conclusion. so our topic is "Why Fresh Graduates Remain Unemployed?". so our task is to conduct an interview to understand why this problem occurs. our respondents are employers and to get to them, wasn't that easy. i failed in getting some of the respondents. so she had to fake my interview and put anything that reliable.

even though i didn't like that but i remained silent and carry on with the job. later, she gave me 3/4 pieces of handwritten paper on introduction and literature review. i thought i'll just have to type it but then she said i have to translate her work to English. ever wonder why translator got paid high? because it's not an easy thing to do. it's super duper crazy thing~!!!! it took me sometime to finish that and when it's finished, i needed  to bring that paper to see the lecturer and get her approval.

she was so angry at me because i didn't add up the literature review. i told her i didn't have much time to do that and she just went mad. she said that she have given me the work a long time ago. who is she? she was my group mate. i teamed up with 2 guys and a lioness. and then she threw some accusations she made to the other 2 guys. well, lady, watch your mouth coz that is soooo unfair~!!! they've done their part! they've contributed. even if it not that much, well at least appreciate them!

i remained calm even after i found out that she copied and pasted my article and claimed that it was hers. fine~ whatever.

when we reached the submission date which was actually last fortnight, i didn't sleep and eat. i targeted an A for the subject. and then, she strikes again~! she was assigned to do the findings. and then when she feels like she didn't know anything or how to do it, she made it half done and dumped it to me. she commanded me to finish it for her. wth~!

i was totally upset. luckily, the other 2 males are supportive. so when the thing is done and submitted, i felt completely free. like a flying bird, i flew so high up in the air but then i was caught in a net. damn~!! the assignment needed to redo. homg~! u gotta be kiddin me.

i have final exam and and some other assignments and i have to see that thing again? huh! i did my part and emailed her and went back home. this afternoon, something happened. i was baby siting my lil brother and then i found that there were 25 missed calls. the caller was her and the other male. i tried to call them back because the male told me that the assignment wasn't completed. 

well, what can i do? im home to help my mom do some catering and to attend the tahlil ceremony of my late abah. is that wrong?

come on, babe. the 3 of u cant finish an assignment? or u just want me to be there and finish it all alone don't u? i didn't answer the call because i was busy and didn't realize an incoming call.

so what did she do? she didn't answer my call and then updated her status saying how upset she is and all she wanted to do is to insult me.


Jun 25, 2012

Period Pain

period pain to me is the worst problem every months. i got headache, stomach ache, back pain and my mood swings. when it came, i just can't do anything. totally helpless. but, one fine day, i was browsing through the internet and i found the cure!

wait, i didn't google the cure but i accidentally found it. i was having both back and stomach ache and so i decided to lie down with my laptop. i put the laptop on top of my stomach and straightened my back on my bed.

after sometimes, i felt better. much better. and then only i know, the heat from my traditional laptop helped in easing the pain and the posture is very good for my back. haha! an excuse for me to lazing around when i'm period. LOL.

Baby Nooh sleeping like a boss~!!

here's Baby Nooh strikes again!

Baby Nooh: kak dena, baby wants to sleep... go away!

LOL. Baby Nooh can now understands jokes n never stop drinking milk. homg, Baby, u're getting chubbier each day.

Baby Nooh: kak dena! Baby needs more milk!

hahah! OK Baby.. ;)

Jun 23, 2012

2 little precious things in my life..

Semester 2 came earlier this year. It started out well with my new born brother, life is a blessing. I got my house auctioned and we’re not homeless but it hurts me not to live in that house again. I pray for my strength to Allah. there, in the picture are my sweethearts. they are the reason why my heart ache and it hurts like hell when i can't go back home. wawawa~ the baby is turning 5 months now and the boy is 5 years old. the picture is taken at my new house. i miss my old house more. ;')

Mar 23, 2012

Being hurt, again and again, i just love being a masscommer~!

My life as a Teslian would probably be the best moment ever. I met new friends, great lecturers, easy subjects, nice campus and perhaps a nice boyfriend too. but as the earlier posts had stated, those memories turned to dark when my boyfriend left me and my dreams of becoming a Teslian once again is taken away from me. And so now, I’m a Masscommer. Though i hate to be called that at the first time but now, I started to like that title. A Masscommer.

Last night, i went to meet my Tesl friends who are now studying in language field like Tesl and Akedemi Pengajian Bahasa. I did not realize about my action because i was trying my hard to fight and forget my headache. When we’re about to get back, my very best friend, a male, told me something. “Diana, I think your ex left you because you are being gedik (slut-like)” that sentence struck to my mind and went straight to my heart. It pained my pride, tore my heart into pieces and burnt it into ashes and every joint seemed aching. It hurt so much that I almost exploded.

I know just how much he meant by those words. And then i told him that he was wrong. I confronted my ex and he said the reason why he left me was because i was too kind for him and he was flirting with someone else when we were parted. That was the reason. I didn’t make it. He told me that. How could someone i love and care so much told me that i was being gedik?

He sent me to my sister’s room. I stayed there for a while and then pretended that my friend needed me and i have to go back. I hate him because i had to lie to my kakak. I took another exit but he saw me and offered me a ride. I would rather die than to face him again and have to bear his insults.

I vowed when my ex left me. I vowed not to be a nice little girl who doesn’t care about herself and just think for the sake of anyone else. That was me. Now, i just want people to respect me. In this brutal world, people will no look at the innocent girl like i used to be. A brutal world needs a brutal girl. I admit it, it was hard to transformed myself to be like this. But people’s habit demand me to be a gedik girl.

So dear friends, accept me the way i am or else, GTFO