Apr 14, 2011


Last two weeks was probably one of the best weeks of my life. My friend, Maiza was having her second semester break and I had finished my Asasi TESL program (degree starts in September). We arrange an outing to our high school and then we hit the town.

Maiza, as the size I expected she still was, told me a lot of stories from her college and I told her mine. When we were at the school, we met our favourite library teacher, Ms. Jamy... Maiza, was running back and forth of the library like she used to be. She was funny but that is she. She is a carefree person and will always have a smile on her face.

Maiza also surprised me by telling me that she was wearing heels and started to like pink colour and Hello Kitty... OMG!!!! I just can’t believe my ear of hearing her saying that. I was so stunned by her confession. She was really not into these girly things back in high school. I guess, college life had really made she turned into a lovely little monster.

When we arrived at Melaka Central, she aimed for the ATM. She jumped on her little feet when she saw that her PTPTN was in. She withdrew some of her money then we started to shop like mad.

We travelled by bus so we don’t have to worry about parking the car. Plus, I don’t have a license to drive and she is too short to reach the pedals. Haha! J.K!

We stopped by the Jonker Walk. A place where there is no one but tourists. She said that her friend asked her to buy Nyonya’s umbrella. It’s so famous in Melaka, traditionally made and used by the Baba and Nyonya’s family. We got ourselves two identical blouses (in the picture). We even got into the fitting room together. You might think that is weird. It is because all of the staffs looked at us with wide eyes.

Then, we went to Dataran Pahlawan (the most well-known shopping complex in Melaka). This is where I, my friends and most of the teenagers in Melaka went to “lepak”.

I aimed to buy a pair of new shoes and she just want to shop for anything that looks nice (I guess). So, I got myself a pair of platform and she bought herself a pair of sneakers. We ate at Kaizer. She bought so many things for her siblings and mother. She got her sister a birthday present and a bracelet for each of her little sisters. She also bought her mother a ring. Then, she made a pre-order of a Korean artist’s album from Korea and paid RM 100.00. Huhu, she is indeed a crazy little spendthrift (sengal!).

We also invited our friend, Azmee. He walked with us carrying Maiza’s Nyonya’s umbrella in his bag. He is so funny. There was one time when we were waiting for bus; he said that he watched 16 SX movies when he was 18. We laughed our eyes out at his convoluted sentence. We were having so much fun together.

We went back when the sky was dark. Or maybe because my mother and my boyfriend called saying that it’s late. I got the message; if I’m not at home by 9, I will never be allowed going out again.

The next day, my mother brought me to a place where I will get a spiritual treatment. She asked me to invite Maiza accompany me.

Two days later, I accompanied Maiza to pay her college bill at the bank. Then, we headed to Jusco because she wanted to buy her mother a new stove. Before that, we had our lunch at the roof of Jusco. It was very windy and we were allowed to make so much noise since we were away from other people.

Going out with Maiza reminds me of myself when I was in high school. When I do naughty things like making sandwiches in the library and laugh like I own this whole world. And now, I am so lady like that no one will believe me if I was naughty before. Only Maiza does and I wish that I will never lost Maiza in my life. I LOVE U, MAIZA!!!

p/s: good luck for you third semester... miss u here in Bukit Rambai...