Jun 21, 2011

Make My Life Better, Not Harder...

I’m back for almost a month of working like maniac! I just got paid and it was ciput ajer... hmm.. never mind. So my life after the breakdown isn’t that much better. I go to work to get the frustration out of my mind. Poor Azizi, he has to bear with all my tantrums, my whine and my tears.

A week after the result came out, after I cried like everybody is leaving me, I got a call from my university asking me to provide them with all my details and documents. When I asked them what course are they asking my documents for, they said it was for the masscomm. I was like WHY???? I told the lecturers during the masscomm interview that I want TESL instead of masscomm but they betrayed me!

I got more frustrated thinking that I didn’t fail the medsi test but they failed me! How could they do that! I cried again begging for some reason to smile, to laugh, to be happy like I used to be when I was in TESL.

I got a course in masscomm field that is publishing and I have no idea what is it about. During the interview, I just wrote anything that crossed my mind and I didn’t even know whether it is true or not. I got myself highly praised by the interviewers and I said sorry I can’t be in this field. I’ve made them clear that I don’t want masscomm. I JUST WANT TESL.

YA ALLAH, I’m so sick with tears... I pray for my life will get better, not harder...

*my mom asked me why I didn’t further my degree in ICT field and I don’t even know why. WHY?? I got an A for that subject... huhu*